15 11, 2016

MEET THE PROFESSIONAL – Emmanuel Gantet, Export Manager Lanson Champagne

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Lanson White Label is a Champagne where 29 grams of sugar are added to the dosage which makes the Champagne sweeter and softer. The idea behind this slick white bottle is to reach the younger consumer, mostly Russian and new world who loves this style. The White Label launch was in a private area of Cove Beach and I cannot deny the fact that all the time there is an event with Champagne, the people around are much happier and relaxed.

1 11, 2016

GUEST REVIEW – Alain H. Lee, Reporting from Australia

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Alain H Lee is a Professional Wine Consultant from Western Australia and with an impressive background of experiences from around the world. Today Alain is sharing some of his latest wine trips

1 11, 2016


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MEET THE SOMMELIER Interview of Aziz Hathout Head Sommelier of Bistrot Bagatelle Monsieur Aziz is the Head Sommelier of Bistrot Bagatelle at the Fairmont, Sheikh Zayed Road. Canadian born Aziz, explained to me a few little secrets about the new products on his wine list. Unfortunately for you, readers, I have decided not to share them. All too [...]

1 11, 2016

TRAVEL – Garth Beer Around Milan (Part I)

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Italy is by far my favourite European country, so much so that I have started to look for a retirement goal home there, unfortunately the options are endless and I am no closer to retirement than when I started my search and considering I am only 34 Years old I believe I still have some time to go!

1 11, 2016

MEET THE PROFESSIONAL – Antoine Rolland-Billecart, Billecart-Salmon Champagne

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We all love Champagne and sure we all have our favorites, however, there is one brand that everyone likes and so do I. I have been using their Brut Reserve by the glass since 14 years ago when I start to have my own wine list, up until my last project. Today I finally met one of the two brothers that manage the House, firstly, Mr. Antoine Roland-Billecart ...

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