TRAVEL – Garth Beer around Milan (Part 2)

Travel Garth Beer around Milan (Part 2) After spending about 30minutes perusing the shelf and speaking with the Shop Sommelier, I decided I needed to get some air and let my mind settle, all this wine talk, young vintages, great producers, and indecisiveness had given me a bit of a headache. While growing up as a kid, [...]

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GUEST REVIEW – with Alain H Lee

GUEST REVIEW with Alain H Lee Alain H Lee is a Professional Wine Consultant from Western Australia and with an impressive background of experiences from around the world. Today Alain is sharing some of his latest wine trip in Margaret River to have an interview with Ryan O’Meara of Express Winemakers, one of 2017 Australia’s Young Guns [...]

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EVENT – PIZZA GOURMET How to Perfectly Pair Pizza & Wine

EVENT PIZZA GOURMET How to Perfectly Pair Pizza &Wine Thursday, 2 March 2017 Before I start this article, I should first answer an important question. What is a Pizza chef doing on TastedAndRated? The answer is pretty easy: nowadays the pizza for many of us, is not only one of the most loved dishes around the world, [...]

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RETAIL DUBAI – Luca Gagliardi’s wine columns on FooDiva

Simone Luca Gagliardi is the Italian most seasoned Sommelier of Dubai and founder of Tasted and Rated, together with Garth Beer. They are Sommeliers Point of Reference of the Middle East who have dedicated their life in pursuit of wine excellence. Gagliardi and Beer share the same dream of taking the Dubai Wine and Hospitality Industry in a new direction [...]

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WINE REVIEW – LUCA GAGLIARDI: Gianni Gagliardo and his Barolo’s

Wine Review - Luca Gagliardi Gianni Gagliardo and his Barolo’s I first meet Gianni more than 10 years ago, while working at Verre by Gordon Ramsay and I was so pleased to have the first TastedAndRated master class with Gianni’s top Cru. Before the master class, I have meet Gianni at the Four Season Jumeirah for an [...]

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MEET THE PROFESSIONAL – Laura Pedrazzoli Representing Bastianich & Moschioni Wines

MEET THE PROFESSIONAL Laura Pedrazzoli presents: Bastianich & Moschioni Wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia During the 8th edition of the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2016 that took place in Dubai between the 7th and the 17th of November, which coincided with the launch of TastedAndRated, I had the honour to be the Wine Director for the Summit. One [...]


MEET THE EMERGING SOMMELIER Anca Lazaroni Anyone that believes being a Sommelier is merely a job, cannot be a true sommelier. Being a Sommelier is being a wine professional, a wine aficionado and a person who understands and craves a deep knowledge of the wine world, wine making, spirits, cigars, the professional approach of cooking techniques and ingredients, the [...]

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GUEST REVIEW – Aziz Hathout

Guest Rewiew Aziz Hathout The two wines I picked represent the symbiosis between wine and art. The end results are unique masterpieces. Marc Kreydenweiss, Andlau Riesling, France 2012 The Estate , located in Andlau in the heart of Alsace is my opinion of the greatest expression of purity available in Dubai. Certified biodynamic since the late 80's, [...]

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